Miltonias prefer indirect sunlight from either an east or a shaded south-facing window. When the temperatures exceeds 80°F increase shading. The leaves on the plant should be light green. If the leaves are dark green, increase lighting. If the leaves turn yellowish green or reddish, increase shading.


Depending upon the temperature, Miltonias should be watered twice a week. During the summer, the plants may need to be watered every 2-3 days. The rule of thumb for watering should be as followed : More heat more water, less heat less water.

Miltonias prefer to be kept on moist side. This does not mean that Miltonias like to be left in standing water. Try to water the plants early in the day, so that the foliage will be dry by nightfall. To prevent bacterial and fungal disease use Physan 20 once a month.

Never allow Miltonias to dry out! New leaves will have a pleated appearance, like an accordion. This is irreversible.